Gabion Wall Design Ideas – Adding Beauty To Your Property

Are you on the lookout for gabion wall design ideas to add some beauty to your property? Walls are a fantastic choice for a number of reasons – they can help you to flatten out areas of a sloped property, making them more functional; they can be used to create raised garden beds; and they can be used simply as decorative features. If you’re looking for some ideas that could work with your property, you’ve come to the right place!

  • Humble Walls

    If the walls are low, it’s the top that matters most – keep this in mind when packing rocks, saving the best and most interesting pieces until last. The top could also incorporate some succulents or epiphytic plants (like bromeliads), which will grow in bark chips and spread their root systems through the rock. In high walls, the sides are most important.

  • Screens & Fences

    The walls can also be used for fencing and screening purposes, helping to keep the prying eyes of your neighbours at bay and prevent unapproved access to your property (or prevent children and pets from leaving it). To add some interest, you could introduce some coloured rock (such as bluestone or slate, which stand out more than more neutral colours).

  • Sculpture

    If you want the gabions to function as purely a decorative addition to your property, you could use them to construct a sculpture of sorts that takes pride of place. Those with larger properties could even use them to construct a labyrinth, which your family and friends can have hours of fun exploring and getting lost in.

  • Furniture s

    One of the main problems with outdoor furniture is that it eventually succumbs to the elements. When you’ve used gabion baskets to form the foundation of the furniture, however, you’ll find that they are far longer lasting. From the creation of bench seating to outdoor dining tables, you’ll be able to create furniture that ties in the natural surrounds.

  • Water Features

    Whilst dry rocks are beautiful, their beauty can often be magnified when wet. Incorporating gabions into a water feature is a fantastic way to achieve this. Have the water bubble out from the top or insert a blade spout partway up the wall. The great thing is that you can hide the pump in the bottom; it’s noise will be muffled by all the rock.

  • Vertical Gardens

    Perhaps your soil isn’t the greatest for establishing the garden of your dreams, or perhaps you don’t have the biggest of backyards. No matter the reason, gabions could be just the solution you have been looking for – they can form a vertical garden. Soil is poured into the baskets to fill the gaps between rocks and you can then plant in these gaps.

If you’re searching for gabion wall design ideas, we hope that the ones we’ve shared above have given you plenty to consider. Whether you choose to use some humble walls or whether you go for something more complex, like a water feature or furniture, you can rest assured that it will add some real beauty to your property. We offer gabion baskets in a variety of standard sizes and can even custom make them if you have another size in mind.