How to build A Gabion Basket

Building a gabion basket doesn't need to be hard

Building a gabion basket is a very simple process. If you are building one for the first time, allow up to 10 mins to put it together. If you're building more than one, you will be able to put a basket together in 6-8 mins with some once you're in the groove.  Like all things the more you do it the better you get but even without never having built one before, they are super easy.

The following example walks through how to erect a 1000x500x500mm steel gabion basket.

1. Confirm you have all parts

Confirm you have all panels and spiral winders. A gabion basket with dimensions of 1000x500x500 is comprised of 6 panels and 12 spiral joiners:

Quantity of 4 x 1000x500mm welded wire mesh panels
Quantity of 2 x 500x500mm welded wire mesh panels
Quantity of 4 x 1000mm long spiral joiners
Quantity of 8 x 500mm long spiral joiners
Quantity of 1 x 520mm long internal brace.

All spiral winders can be cut back to a more appropriate length if this better suits your project.

2. Start with the largest panels

Begin by taking 2 of the largest of the welded wire mesh panels - 1000x500mm.  Stand the panels on their ends and place the edges of the panel at a right angle to each other.

3. Add the 1st spiral winder

Take the first 1000mm length spiral joiner. Begin winding the spiral through the mesh of both panels.  When done correctly, the spiral will pass through the mesh aperture twice per opening.  Once it has passed through the first or second aperture, you will be able to spin the spiral through your hands in a quick motion to complete the threading through the entire panel.

Continue this process with the next 2 of the 1000mm spiral joiners with an additional 1000x500mm panels. You should have 3 of the 4 spiral joiners joining 3 of the 4 1000x500mm mesh panels.  At this point do not place the 4th spiral joiner. The intention is to do this last once the basket is full of rock filling.


4. Add the 1st end panel

Once all 1000x500mm panels are in place (remember the last 1000mm spiral joiner has not been installed yet), take the 500x500mm panel. This is the end of the basket. Sit the 500x500mm panel in position on the top of the basket. Using a 500mm spiral joiner, begin to attach the panel to the rest of the basket by interlinking the edges via the spiral winder.

Continue this process for 3 of the 4 x 1000mm spiral winders. At this point do not place the 4th spiral joiners. The intention is to do this last once the basket is full of rock filling.  If you join all 4 of the 500mm spirals at this point you won't be able to close the lid.

5. Add the 2nd end panel

Once 3 of the 500mm spiral joiners have joined one end of the basket, flip the basket over and continue the same process on the other end with the next 500x500mm panel.

6. Insert the brace & fill your basket with rock

By this point all panels will be in place and you should have 1 x 1000mm spiral joiners and 2 x 500mm spiral joiners remaining.  This is the point at which you want to insert the brace.  The brace acts as a stabilising mechanism to keep the basket in position as it is filled with rock.  The basket will naturally want to push out as the basket is filled with rock and the brace will stop that from happening.

The brace is designed to be inserted inside the basket from front to back at the biggest flex point of the basket.  This should be in the horizontal and vertical centre of the basket.

Once the brace is in place it is now ready to starting filling your basket with rock.  Take care to fill the basket carefully, front facing the rock on the sides of the basket that will be seen.  Once fill with rock, insert the 1000mm spiral joiner along the long edge and the 2 x 500mm spiral winders along the short edges to close the lid.

7. Celebrate with high 5's all round!

That's it, your basket is done! Why not stand up on it to see how strong the 5mm gauge steel is. No warping or bending here! Brilliant job to all!

8. Admire Your handywork


How to build Gabion Baskets

All baskets can be built without any special tools taking 5 - 7 minutes each.

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