Gabion Walls Australia takes a 360° approach to your gabion basket project. We care about giving you the best advice, the highest quality gabions and the most convenient service.

Gabion Walls Australia is an online retailer of all things gabion baskets, based in Australia.

Since 2010, Gabion Baskets Melbourne has been leading supplier of gabions to Victorians. Due to their popularity the business expanded into Queensland by opening the doors to Gabion Baskets Queensland in 2015.

Through the years in both Melbourne and Queensland, premium quality gabion baskets continue to be popular. With a mesh size of 50 x 50mm there is more steel in our gabion basket than any other on the market!

Centered around our passion for high quality gabions and commitment to serving our local communities, Gabion Baskets Melbourne and Gabion Baskets Queensland have combined powers to rebrand as Gabion Walls Australia.

Gabion Walls Australia is underpinned by our 3 key principals

Good Advice

Building a gabion wall can seem like an overwhelming challenge for everyday DIY’ers. We want to demystify gabions and make them available to everyone!


Whether it be for basic retaining walls or large-scale commercial construction projects, quality gabions that don’t bulge or warp is critical to a successful gabion basket project.

Local Stock

Giving our customers the ability to choose to pick up their order or have their Gabions delivered to even the most remote locations Australia-wide.

Got a custom design in mind that is outside the box? Talk to us

Meet the Founders

Steve Adams

Steve has been in the construction industry since 1978. Originally planning the concept of gabion baskets for use with Castlemaine quarry stone, the popularity of the product exploded when introduced through Yarrabee & Castlemaine Stone. Steve has a wealth of experience in the industry, Steve is a wonderful source of information.

Luke Adams

Luke finished his engineering degree in 2005 and opened the doors to Gabion Baskets Queensland in 2015. Spending various points in his career in the industrial and energy sectors, Luke has a strong commitment to customer service and custom designs.