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Gabion Baskets

for residential & commercial use

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Gabion baskets are an ideal alternative to timber sleepers, concrete retaining walls and rock boulders. Often referred to as rock cages or wire mesh baskets their permeable construction means that they are not susceptible to frost and water damage like timber. All parts are hot dip galvanised making gabion cages a versatile option for industrial, domestic and commercial applications.

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How you can use Gabion Baskets

Gabion baskets are a natural looking alternative to concrete and timber retaining walls or rock boulders. They can be used for a range of residential and commercial applications - their uses are only limited by your imagination!

Gabion Cages

Retaining Walls

Suitable for residential and commercial use, gabion basket retaining walls are available in a range of standard and custom sizes to suit your application and your architectural style.

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Gabion Baskets Fire Place


A gabion basket is the perfect housing for an outdoor fireplace or oven.

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Gabion Baskets For Vertical Garden

Vertical Gardens

Show off your green thumb with a gabion basket vertical garden.

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Gabion Baskets Seaters

Outdoor Seating

Gabion baskets make for a great permanent outdoor seating option.

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Gabion Baskets for Sale

Vegetable Gardens

Make your veggie patch more attractive with gabion baskets.

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How to assemble Gabion Baskets

All baskets can be built without any special tools taking 5 - 7 minutes each.

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