Gabion 1000 x 500 x 300

Length 1000mm
Height 500mm
Depth 300mm
Weight 16kg
Select Length

Standard length sets

1m length - 1000mm
2m length - 2000mm
3m length - 3000mm
4m length - 4000mm
5m length - 5000mm
6m length - 6000mm
7m length - 7000mm
8m length - 8000mm
9m length - 9000mm
10m length - 10000mm
0.5m length - 500mm

Each set includes

Front & Back Panels of Basket
2 x wire mesh panels 1000x500mm
Top & Bottom Panels of Basket
2 x wire mesh panels 1000x300mm
End / Divider Panels
2 x wire mesh panels 500x300mm
Spiral Joiners
4 x 980mm length, 4 x 480mm length & 4 x 280mm length
Internal Supporting Braces
1 x 320mm length (used at 1m intervals)
NOTE: Each gabion basket set is made up from individual components, the largest being of 1m length.  As a result the welded wire mesh panels act as dividers between 1m long modules, joining them together to achieve a desired set length.  We do not use any panel larger than 1m in length as it is too difficult to handle and transport.

Technical Information

Welded wire mesh
Mesh size:
50 x 50mm
Wire Size:
16kg (unfilled)

How it arrives

Gabion Baskets

How to assemble Gabion Baskets

All baskets can be built without any special tools taking 5 - 7 minutes each.

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How to assemble Gabion Baskets
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Rock selection for Gabion Baskets

Rock selection for Gabion Baskets

We look at three types of rock - polished river rock, crushed granite, and Castlemaine lineal rock.