Gabion baskets have been a hidden landscaping secret of many years, and they are finally being put to use for a myriad of residential and commercial applications-their uses are only limited by your imagination!

Gabion Products

Retaining Walls

Our baskets make excellent retaining walls that can be quickly and easily assembled.

  • They are a “dry” retaining wall, which means that they have no mortar and are incredibly well-draining
  • They can effectively stabilise a slope and control erosion on your property
Retaining Wall Products

Casual Seating

Gabion baskets are a great permanent outdoor seating option for your al fresco areas.

  • Complement existing walls throughout your property to create a cohesive appearance
  • Create a versatile structure that stabalises slopes, provides garden edging, and functions as attractive seating
Gabion Wall Products

Vertical Gardens

Create a truly stunning featue wall within your interior or exterior woth a vertical garden.

  • A vertical garden is the perfect option for units, townhouses and even apartments when you only have a small courtyard to work with
  • Once established, the plants become less dependant on watering
Feature Wall Products


A gabion basket is the perfect housing for an outdoor fireplace or oven.

  • Can house wood-burning fireplaces and ovens of all sizes, putting them at a comfortable height for you to enjoy
  • Enjoy outdoor cooking in a way you never have before
Gabion Fence Products

Feature Walls

Gabion baskets can also be used indoors – bring the outdoors in for a stunning finish!

  • A highly attractive addition to any home, from the rustic through to the contemporary, and very easy to clean
  • Can have fireplaces, ovens, seating and other features embedded in them
Garden Fence Products

Vegetable Gardens

Make your veggie patch more attractive and accessible with gabion baskets.

  • Often used to raise a vegetable garden, protecting it from animal attack and providing easier access for those with limited mobility
  • Well draining (no water build up) so your veggies won’t be drowned