Understanding The Importance Of Retaining Walls

There are several different reasons why you might choose to build a retaining wall somewhere on your property. From holding some level of soil away from your home or garden area to the sheer aesthetic appeal of these walls, there are plenty of reasons to take the plunge. In this article, we have outlined the three main reasons that homeowners tend to build these walls:

To Hold Back Soil

Due to the availability of land or simply because you fell in the love with the stunning views, your home may have been built on a hill or in a valley between hills. One of these walls can be used to hold back soil from falling in on your house once the hillside has been dug out for it to be built.

Look at it this way – when you dig a hole, with each shovel full of dirt that you remove some will fall back in from the sides. The more you shovel, the more dirt begins to fall back in. When you dig out the side of a hill, the dirt that remains needs to go somewhere – if left alone, it will eventually fall in.

To Provide More Usable Land

When you want to lay a patio area, a playground for the kids, a flat lawn area, a tennis court or even a swimming pool, if your backyard is rolling or hilly this could be impossible. You will need to first level off the ground, providing a flat surface for all of these installations to be possible.

The use of a retaining wall will ensure that the flattened areas you have created remain flat, as well as add structure and beauty to the area. Some people use the gabion baskets as seating whereas others place pot plants on the top. Or you could simply leave them as is and let the natural stone do the rest.

To Prevent The Ground From Washing Away

If your property gets a lot of rainfall or you live quite close to a water source (such as a lake), these walls can help to prevent the water from eroding the soil in your landscaping and around your home’s foundation. This can actually be an important safety measure to prevent mudslides and rivers of mud.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why retaining walls might be essential for your property, from protecting your home from falling soil to providing more usable space in your backyard. At Yarrabee & Castlemaine, we think that gabion baskets are a fantastic option for the construction of these walls and also offer a range of natural stone to fill them.