5 Cool Gabion Wall Design Ideas

  1. Retaining Walls The intended purpose of gabion baskets, retaining walls can be used to help flatten out a sloped property to make the space more usable. Backfill the area with nutrient-rich soil and turn it into a thriving garden bed. If you have a more severe slope, you could create staggered levels so that you have several lawn areas to enjoy.
  2. Feature WallsWho says that the baskets need to be used for any particular purpose? If you simply like the look of them, they can be used to create feature walls and other decorative elements. They look fantastic when used at the entrance to the home, as well as around alfresco areas. They can even be used indoors if you are so inclined.
  3. Casual SeatingProvide permanent seating solutions in your alfresco area by using gabion baskets to create bench seats. All you need to do is place some comfortable cushions on the top and you’re good to go. Whether you place them around the perimeter of the space or even have them pulled up to a table, this seating will not succumb to the weather.
  4. Fireplaces & OvensWould you like to make your alfresco area more comfortable during the winter with the addition of a fireplace? Or perhaps your outdoor kitchen really needs an oven? Gabion baskets can be used to build the wall around your new fireplace or oven – plus, both the baskets and the stone is able to withstand these hot conditions with ease.
  5. Vertical GardensAs there is absolutely no mortar involved in the creation of these baskets, they can actually be used as vertical gardens if you fill in the gaps between stones with soil. Once the plants have become established, they will become less dependent on watering and are very easy to look after. You could even grow a vertical veggie patch if you want

No matter how big or small your property is, we are sure that you can use gabion wall design to make it the envy of everyone on the block. We hope that you have found one of the above ideas useful – just remember that you are only limited by your imagination. At Yarrabee& Castlemaine, we have a variety of baskets and natural stones to choose from – get in touch with us today to learn more.